7 Theories Why The Best Sign Spinning Campaigns Work Like Wonders

The best sign spinning campaigns are always carried out by energetic human spinners that can touch potential customers in some of the most wonderful ways that nothing else can. If a brand is looking to increase exposure and traffic to their business location, sign spinning can stand out much more and offer effective results than any other tactics. Here are several theories why the best sign spinning can work like wonders for advertising.

Guerrilla Marketing

Guerrilla Marketing involves advertisement methods that emphasize on low-cost unconventional tactics that deliver maximum results. And, that’s exactly what the best sign spinning does. Such campaigns involve imagination and high energy levels to focus on marketing in public in a more memorable and personal fashion. For example, If you run a cafe, you could always have a human walk around with a big coffee mug costume on and talk about your brand.

Draw More Foot Traffic

You must have come across those Grim Reapers that often stand in front of Halloween supply stores and nearby areas during the festive season directing traffic for parking. They are so memorable for the people that this strategy definitely gets the sellers great foot traffic into their parking lots and storefronts.


While driving down the road, it is easier to spot a person holding a sign or donning a costume than it is to notice a traditional fixed billboard. The purpose here is to provide an interactive way for advertising one’s products or services, and one can be as creative with the same as they want.

Create Brand Awareness

Sign spinning is not only a marvelous way to make people know about your company and help them remember about the same, but also a way to attract media attention, thereby getting you good media exposure free of cost.

Ability to Answer Questions

At the end of the day, sign holders are humans and they can always answer questions about your brand and solve various queries of the crowd about you immediately.

Reach Target Market

Using sign spinning always allows you to decide where they person will walk and advertise for you. This in turn, helps you reach your target customers, thereby ending up in increased sales. Plus, you can always get the spinners direct the crowd with the help of arrow signs.

Dynamic in Nature

Based on the day and time, how busy a street is may experience huge changes. What’s great with sign spinners is that they are dynamic and you can place your ads in areas where you witness more foot traffic.