Different Methods Of Instant Messaging In Digital Marketing

Instant messaging is a digital marketing technique, where companies use different apps and softwares to send instant messages to customers QS. The trends in 2019 show that customers no longer want to connect through emails, but through SMS, or other instant messaging platforms. This is because through instant messages, communication can be done quickly. For the best SEO expert agentcy in Boston Bill Lentis Media.

Digital marketing is about using digital media for the purpose of interacting with customers and promoting products and services, and instant messaging apps and software provides companies with that opportunity.


Facebook messenger can be used by companies and customers to interact with each other. There are small businesses which dont have a proper website, or channel where customers can place their order. When such businesses promote their products on a Facebook page, and a customer likes it, the customer can easily place an order by communicating with the business through Facebook messenger.

Through Facebook messenger, a company is also able to send promotional messages, discount and sales alerts to its customers News Feed.


WhatsApp, in recent times, has become a business opportunity for people. Businesses can add the numbers of customers in groups, and interact with them, by promoting their products. They can provide their WhatsApp number to customers on their website or Facebook page, so that if the customer has any question about a product or service, then he can easily ask the business.


Telegram is an instant messaging app that where people an send each other text messages and multimedia, which is hosted in the cloud, and can be accessed using any device. It allows brands to make groups with 200 to 1,000 contacts, and they can promote events and offers Tech Wyse. The unique feature of Telegram is that there are bots on this app, which allow automate responses based on the specific requests that users make.


If a brand wants to reach the Chinese market, to promote its products or services, then there is nothing better than using the WeChat app. Through this app, brands can use features like walkie talkie conversation style, group chats and even video calls. WeChat is a social networking app, and can be used for the purpose of promoting business.


Even though Instagram is famous for posting pictures and videos, there is a message option, from where brands and customers can interact with each other. Through Instagram, customers would see a promotion on the main page of a brand, and if they have a question, suggestion or a purchase request, then can send a direct message to the brand.

Facebook messenger is very useful for brands who want to communicate with their customers. Moreover, brands can interact with customers through Twitters feature of Direct Messages. Instant messaging is very effective, because it is a quick way to communicate, and many customers dont like to wait for a reply long, when they have a query.

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