Must Things To Do For A Company Not Ready To Hire An Seo Expert

Everyone who has a website of their own can tell you that no shortage of SEO specialists are ready to sell your their services. Although you should hire a specialist for your SEO campaign, there is a lot that you can do on your own to increase your ranking on Google and other search engines.

If you dont have enough budgets to hire an expert or you prefer to keep your business strategies under your control, these SEO tactics can help you with your SEO campaign

On-Page optimization

On-page optimization is a strategy where you construct your website in a way that it becomes convenient for Google to understand it in a better way. If search engines are considering your website to be valuable, it will result in great rankings for your website.

It is quite easy to spend hours talking about the tactics to have an impactful on-page optimization. The short version is that the keywords that you want to get ranked for should be included in the Meta description and title of the pages on your website.

If you are using Word press, the SEO Yoast tool can assist you in putting the keywords in the right places. Word press is one of the most convenient platforms to create your content error-free.

Google My Business listings

People with experience of marketing might find this tactic pretty basic, but the astonishing part is that there are my businesses out there who still havent claimed for Google business listings. Make sure to claim and optimize your Google My Business listings so that you can get a ranking for local keywords. Local keywords are the kind of keywords that are focused on a specific area or place.

In case you are located and working in a specific location for a long time, Google will automatically create a listing for you. It is a great idea to claim the listings so that you can update your information and photos there. You should also add your website address so that people can view your website that can help in improved organic traffic. Make sure to respond to reviews that are left by the customers who have visited your place.

Completion of Social media Profiles

This tactic is again fundamental and comfortable, but you must complete your profiles on all the important and prominent social media networking sites. You must have a Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and a Pinterest page because they are the leading social media networks of today.

If you have pages on all these social media platforms, it builds an excellent reputation for your brand and makes Google believe that you are a trustworthy and valuable business. Post your website URL in all the profiles because it will help with the increase in traffic of your website. Such kinds of links are most no follow links, but the benefit of having them is that it will again be built trust between your business and search engines.

Schema Markup

In recent years Google has shown its support towards schema markup, and it is a given that the websites which have added schema markup are earning a favor from Google. In short, the schema is a code that helps search engines to have a better understanding of your website, and it makes it easier for them to present better and more informative results. You must have noticed star ratings on search engines lately. Do you have any idea where they come from? Well, yes, it is schema markup doing.

People who know the schema markup technique can contribute to it by hand. And those who have a word press website and have an extended budget can try and use Project supremacy plug-in.

Geo-tag Photos

The hidden successful strategy of SEO for a good ranking locally is geotagging your photos. Geotagging is adding GPS to the data of each photo you tag on your website.
Search engines dont have an understanding of the photos as we have. You need to help them a little extra to make them understand what is happening and where it is happening. Make sure to geotag photos on your website with the address of your business location. This will help build trust and reputation for your business in Googles perspective.

There is a web service called This website will help you in tagging your photos correctly. You have to add pictures and the address, and the rest will be done by the tool.

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