Should You Use Chemicals To Clean Your Office Floor?

The quality of the air inside the office is going to greatly affect the people inside it. This fact is that millions of people worldwide do no take into consideration. As important as it is, the fact that we forget that we are always in need of fresh air, is unavoidable. One of the biggest contributing factors that cause us to forget that we need fresh air or that the air we are breathing is not fresh is the fact that its hard to tell if the air is fresh, especially if we have been breathing it for a while. Its only when we move to a different location that has fresher air that we then realize that the air we were previously breathing was not fresh.

There are a few things that can contribute to the lack of fresh air inside an office. If windows are not opened frequently enough then the build-up of carbon dioxide from everyone breathing can cause a lot of bad air. This is all amplified the longer there is no more fresh air let into the office because all the oxygen gets used up which ends up being replaced with even more carbon dioxide.

There are already so many other bad things that workers in offices need to contend with in order to be able to feel good and be able to get their job done which include things like bad posture, eating junk food, and the lack of moving all day. The last thing that office workers need is an invisible and unnoticeable danger harming them as is low-quality air. Better air helps staff to be more productive and work better.

Besides opening windows to let fresh air in, there is also another solution to improving the air quality of an office. That is to stop using chemicals to clean the floor. When strong things like bleach are used to mop floors, these types of cleaners give off off-gasses that completely ruin the air of the room. It actually is very dangerous because the gas can be faint enough to be bearable which is why its so deadly.

So how do you clean the floor without chemicals you might ask? Simple, use microfiber mops. They do not require chemicals to clean the floor with which do away with the problem of off gassing from dangerous chemicals like bleach.