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When you are studying the credentials of a service provider, what are you looking for? Do you trust the certificates that a company lists on their website? How can you differentiate between a company who talks the talk, but cannot walk the walk? The answer comes from the company?s previous clients. A company’s past performance is usually a good indication of their future potential. ITU works with all size companies to provide quality translations.

We remain an industry leading translation service based in Florida. Offering high quality services at affordable prices. We have recruited some of the top linguists from all around the globe to ensure our clients only receive the highest-quality translation services. We are an ATA member, as well as being BBB accredited.

Our clients depend on us because we deliver each time. They know our service will help them to expand their businesses and help them find new clients, they trust that when they have an issue, we have the solution. We also provide professional services to individuals whether they are having immigration or legal issues, we can be counted upon to deliver products that are acceptable to any court in Florida or immigration office in the US.

Each translation project is assigned a project manager, to ensure that the process is carried out with ease and care. We also appreciate that many issues remain time sensitive, and our team is dedicated to meeting each deadline they set. Despite this attention to detail and focus on meeting deadlines, we remain committed to providing solutions at affordable prices. Our team of experts are hired for their diligence as well as their language skills, they are always expected to behave and communicate in a professional manner. Each client is offered the same level of attention regardless of the size of the project involved. There is a reason that the customers we attracted in our first few months have remained loyal to us years later.

Quality is central to our vision; this can only be assured by putting each employee through rigorous skills and background checks. We work with purely native speakers who are primarily based in their countries. This ensures that they can provide both the best translation and localization services.

To make our translators’ jobs as easy as possible we additionally provide them with the latest software, such as Translation Memory technology and terminology management tools that helps them to complete tasks in a more timely and efficient manner, these savings are passed directly to you, our clients. Once a project submitted to us, we possess another team of Quality Control linguist who will pick through every, word, sentence, paragraph, and page to find any faults
This rigorous testing procedure has led us to providing language translation services for companies who are not only based in Florida but all over the globe. We have clients in the UK, US, Japan, China, Europe and many more besides.

If you are looking for a Florida translation service, please do not hesitate to contact one of our customer service team at ITU translations. You will experience firsthand an example of the 24/7 service that will be available to you, should you choose to become our latest client.

ITU translation services your one stop shop language solutions. ITU translations and FIU alumni work together. Many of our employees are Florida International University students and alumni. FIU is known for its diverse culture worlds best business school, ITU has partnered with FIU alumni and has made us a go translation agency.

ITU translation services your one stop shop language solutions.

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